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Her completely unique style distinguishes itself in accurate drawn black pen lines, an almost maniacal eye for detail and an altogether use of the two-dimensional plane.
She possesses a refined talent for realism, a predilection for dots, shadings and other fine patterns, the courage to merge text and illustration and has an always uplifting sense of humour.

The Golden Pencil jury

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Floor Rieder is an illustrator and designer, mostly known for her children’s books, published by Gottmer Publishing. In 2014, she won the Golden Pencil prize for her children’s book debut Het raadsel van Alles wat Leeft (The Mystery of Life), by Jan Paul Schutten. Her work was awarded with many other prizes, and her books translated into more than fifteen languages.


A second and third book by Jan Paul Schutten en Floor Rieder, about the human body and the universe, created in the same style as Het Raadsel, was published in 2015 and 2018. Het Wonder van Jou (The Miracle of You) and Het Mysterie van Niks (The Mystery of Nothing) was likewise well received by audience and press, and was sold to foreign publishers before it was even printed.

Floor also illustrated a new edition of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland (combined with the sequel Through the Looking Glass) by Lewis Carroll, and gave Alice a brand new look. She used an old technique, in which the illustrations were cut out with a sharp knife in a layer of ink, spread on a layer of Chinese clay. For the illustrations of Alice, Floor chose to work with layers of glass instead of clay.

The book was embraced by audience and press in The Netherlands, Germany, UK and Russia, won prizes such as Most Beautiful Book Cover 2014 and was placed on the IBBY-Honour List.Floor Rieder makes illustrations by commission, for newspapers like De Volkskrant and magazines like Ques, and for various companies and products. She also designed and illustrated a television and theatre set and was asked by CPNB to make the picture book for the Children’s Book Week 2016.



Vlag en Wimpel, ‘Het geheim van de tuin’ 2020 (NL)

Best verzorgde boek, ‘Het geheim van de tuin’ 2020 (NL)

Positive Erwähnungen für Diversität in Kinder- und Jugendbüchern, ‘Wo ist Kater Ludwig?’ 2020 (DE)

Top Tien Kinderboeken van het Jaar ‘Het raadsel van alles wat leeft” 2019 (CH)

Vlag en Wimpel, ‘Het Mysterie van Niks’ 2018 (NL)

Ibby Honour List, ‘De Cycloop’ 2019 (NL)

Mooiste boekomslag, ‘Het Mysterie van Niks’ 2018 (NL)

Derde prijs, ‘Once I was a child’, 2017 (CH)

Sonderpreis, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, 2016 (AT)

Best verzorgde boek, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ 2016 (NL)

Ibby Honour List, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ 2015 (NL)

Mooiste boek, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, 2015 (DE)

Mooiste boekomslag, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ 2015 (NL)

Mooiste boekomslag, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ 2015 (NL)

Wetenschapsboek van het jaar, ‘Het raadsel van alles wat leeft’, 2015 (AT)

Wetenschapsboek van het jaar, ‘Het raadsel van alles wat leeft’, 2015 (DE)

Best verzorgde boek, ‘Het raadsel van alles wat leeft’ 2015 (NL)

Gouden Penseel, ‘Het raadsel van alles wat leeft’ 2014 (NL)

Gouden Tulp best non-fiction book, ‘Het raadsel van alles wat leeft’, 2013 (NL)

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